Big Corporation Lobbies to Change Definition of the Word ‘Black’

Another leftist run big corporation is at it again trying to ram political correctness down our throats.

Most recently it was Gillette, trying to make us more “woke.” Now Proctor and Gamble has gotten into the act, as CNBC reports.

The leftists who run this company have launched an effort to get and others to redefine the word “black” so it’s not so offensive to whiny liberals.

Once again a busy body leftist comes up with a solution for a problem no one is asking to be solved, or even thinks is a problem. They’re calling their stupid campaign “My Black is Beautiful.”

CNBC has more:

“My Black is Beautiful,” a campaign for black women the consumer goods giant formed over a decade ago, says dictionaries too often prioritize terms such as “evil” or “dirty” over those that describe the word as it relates to identity and skin color. The push is called #RedefineBlack and has a petition on …

Lela Coffey, brand director of multicultural beauty at P&G, said “My Black is Beautiful” has always been focused on promoting a more positive perception of blackness and spotlighting bias. When the group started to think about the dictionary definitions, she said they discussed how associating darkness with badness can lead to racial prejudice.

“We talked with some professors about the issue and the effect that words have on people,” Coffey said. “We started to wonder if this was something we could change.”

Maybe we should redefine all of the colors so they’re less offensive? Have we raised a generation of lilly livered snowflakes who are hurt by dictionary definitions of colors?

If so, this is an America that has far deeper and larger problems than offensive words.

Apparently has caved, and is looking into making the definition of the word black “less offensive:” is already planning to update its definition because of the campaign. The website posted a blog Wednesday explaining that it would be making updates and revisions that will roll out on the website later this year.

“If you look on today, the adjectival sense of ‘Black’ that refers to people is the third sense on the page, ” it says. “Currently this definition sits right above a definition that reads ‘soiled or stained with dirt.’ While there are no semantic links between these two senses, their proximity on the page can be harmful. It can lead to unconscious associations between this word of identity and a negative term. These are not associations we want anyone to get from, and so we will be swapping our second and third senses on the page.”

I guess it’s time to re-examine every word in the dictionary to evaluate how hurtful it might be to a thin-skinned sour-pussed liberal whiners.

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