BREAKING, Trump Says He Would Take Help From Russia In 2020, Dems Furious

President Donald Trump has said that he would take help from Russia, or any other foreign nation, if it were offered to him in the 2020 election for president.

The president was speaking to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday when he made the comments.

“Should Don (Trump Jr.) have gone to the FBI when he got the email (saying that the Russians had information for him.).”

“Let’s put yourself in a position you’re a congressman and somebody comes up and says I have information on your opponent. Do you call the FBI? I don’t think so,” President Trump said.

“If it is coming from the Russian I do,” Stephanopoulos said.

“I’ve seen a lot in my life I don’t think in my whole life I’ve called the FBI. You don’t call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office,” the president said.

“Al Gore got a stolen briefing book he called the FBI,” Stephanopoulos said, ignoring the fact that stolen information is not the same as information.

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

“That’s different this is somebody that said ‘we have information on your opponent.’ Oh, let me call the FBI. Give me a break. Life doesn’t work that way,” President Trump said.

“The FBI director says that should happen,” Stephanopoulos said.

“The FBI director is wrong,” the president responded.

“If your campaign this time around, if Russia, China, foreigners someone else offers information on your opponent do you accept it or call the FBI?” Stephanopoulos said.

“I think you might do both. You might want to listen. There is nothing wrong with listening,” the president said.

“If somebody called, from a country, Norway, ‘we have information on your opponent,’ oh, I think I’d want to hear it,” he said.

“You want that kind of interference in our elections,” Stephanopoulos said.

“It’s not interference. They have information. I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong I’d go maybe to the FBI.

“I if I thought there was something wrong. But we somebody comes up with oppo research they come up with oppo research, oh let’s call the FBI.

“The FBI doesn’t have enough agents to take care of it. But you go and talk honestly to congressman they call do it and uls have that’s the way it is. It’s called oppo research,” he said.

The news triggered those who dislike him and they used the interview to attack him, and that included former CIA head John Brennan.

“This is just the latest example of what Vice President Biden meant when he said that Mr. Trump is an existential threat to our country.

“’Unfit to be President’ is a gross understatement. @realDonaldTrump is undeserving of any public office, and all Americans should be outraged,” he said.

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