Omar Accuses Trump of Being Bigoted Toward LGBT, Backfires Immediately

Democratic party superstar Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar is at it again.

This time she accused President Trump of being bigoted toward the LGBT community for refusing to fly the rainbow flag at our embassies, but it backfired immediately. Boy, did it backfire.

“This is another blatant example of this administration’s bigotry and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community” Omar wrote on Twitter:

Give me a break.

First Ms. Omar is Muslim, and Muslim countries outlaw the gay community, some even punish being gay with death. Most Muslim’s in the USA do not think gay and gay marriage are legitimate, let alone all of the other gender choice the left would have us believe are real.

So to call Trump bigoted without first calling out those within her own community is the height of hypocrisy.

As you might expect her tweet was met with immediate push back, but for different reasons:

That’s right. The U.S. flag represents all of us and that’s sufficient.

Again, that is exactly right.

The only flag that should fly at our embassies worldwide is the U.S. Flag. Old glory, the stars and stripes, our countries flag, with no exceptions.

What do you think about this?

Should the only flag that flies at a U.S. embassy be a U.S. flag?

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